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moving to Germany from Ireland

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Moving to Germany from Ireland

It is common knowledge that moving to a new country can be stressful and daunting, so it is important to be aware of what it entails to start the relocation and how to go about the move. Firstly, there are different routes and modes of transportation you can use to get to your destination this includes flying, driving and using the ferry. For moving to Germany from Ireland the ferry is one of the most common modes of transportation used because there are no baggage restrictions, in comparison with planes where you are given baggage allowances. Also taking the ferry from Ireland, preforming removals to Germany is also very cost-effective in comparison with other modes of transportation.

Problems people face with moving to Germany from Ireland by ferry

A major problem people face is that there are no direct ferry links to Germany. Although there are several countries nearby Germany, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, with excellent transportation facilities so passengers can travel easily without much hassle. You have the option of sailing overnight or day, you can choose the most suitable time frame. Passengers can travel from Ireland to Holyhead, Wales and then get the train services to Newcastle, England. Upon arrival in England, you can board the ferry from Newcastle in England to the Amsterdam ferry port. The German border is approximately 88 miles away.

holyhead ferry terminal, removals to Germany from Ireland

Holyhead Ferry Terminal – photo courtesy of Langleyo


Similarly, passengers who wish to travel to the Western parts of Germany, can consider boarding the ferry from Harwich, England to the Hook of Holland, which is about an hour and half hours from the German border.

Another route is that passengers can take the ferry from Ireland via Cherbourg, France to Holland.  Likewise, passengers can board the ferry from Dublin, Ireland then drive or use the train links to Dover, England. From the Dover Ferry straight to Dunqerque, Belgium.

The routes to travel are not limited to the above, passengers can travel via different ports and ferries. You must take adequate care to fully book the different ferries in order not to get stranded or lost, also ensure you plan your journey before setting off, this is very essential because, if you will be taking trains between your journey, you need to know where exactly to board and get off, getting off at the wrong destination can prolong your journey and cause you to miss your ferry.

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