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Transportation in Greece

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Transportation in Greece

Driving in Greece

After trying to drive in Greece you may opt to use public transportation instead. You may be the only person on the road who has actually taken and passed a driving test, as many people simply use bribes to save themselves the trouble. So drive defensively.

In the mountain areas there are narrow roads, blind curves, and unprotected embankments sometimes on the edge of 1 000 foot cliffs. Look out for people parked in unbelievably stupid places, it’s not uncommon. If you are driving over a weekend, and particularly late on a Sunday, it may be a safe option to assume that everyone on the road (except you?) is drunk. The limit is 0.05%, like most of the rest of Europe.

Flashing of headlights by other vehicles is a warning signal meaning “get out of my way”. Petrol stations may be difficult to find outside Athens, many close at 20:00.

Documents you MUST carry in the car

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Public Transportation in Greece

Greece has a comprehensive transport system. On the mainland buses are the main method of transport, trains may offer good alternatives and there are numerous ferries for visiting the islands, and crossing the Adriatic and Aegean Seas. The excellent website Ellada will give you all the up-to-date information you need, time tables, fares and general information, with links and phone numbers to book tickets for air, sea and land.

Buses are the main form of transport on land. There are city buses (blue) and long distance (green) buses. They are cheap and will get you to most places. You must buy your ticket before boarding the bus at machines available at some bus stops or at any of the thousands of kiosks. The other common form of travel is by train, which is also inexpensive.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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