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Relocating to Holland from UK

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Relocating to Holland from UK

Registering Essentials

It goes without saying, that if you’re relocating to Holland from UK you will need to register – either with our local municipality or, if you have a sponsor through work, with the Expat Centre. And although you do not need a residence permit, to successfully register yourself you will need:

When you have lived in the Netherlands for 5 years or longer you are eligible for a long term residence permit.

You need a personal public service number (BSN). You will receive your BSN after you have registered. You need this to get the compulsory medical insurance in Netherlands. Failure to do so means that you may be fined and billed retroactively for any medical treatment you have received.

Relocating to Holland from UK


Although Britain is not a member of the Schengen Area, and therefore customs formalities apply, because we are members of the EU, there is little of consequence to concern the average Briton relocating to the Netherlands.

Most goods bought within the EU for personal use may be imported without restrictions, including currency, although there are limits to the amount of alcohol and tobacco allowed.  Firearms require a permit from Dutch customs before you go. You may bring in small quantities of cut flowers – without soil.

Follow this link if you want to learn more about relocating to Holland from UK.

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