Settling in Netherlands

Buying a house in the Netherlands

To properly start off settling in Netherlands you would most likely want to get a place to live in (perfectly one of your own) and find a job. Luckily there are no restrictions on buying a house in Holland.

The process is easy and quick, but be sure you fully understand any documents before you sign them, as although English is widely spoken and understood the official language is Dutch. Usually the steps are taken:

  1. Your find a house, and agree a price with the seller.
  2. You both sign a temporary contract, which covers all issues pertaining to the sale and gives you and the seller some protection.
  3. You pay a deposit (10%), and a copy of the signed contract is sent to the notary.
  4. Transfer of ownership is completed by the notary.
  5. The notary registers the transfer.

It only takes around seven days to complete the registration procedure in the Netherlands. The costs include all costs of buying and then re-selling a property – lawyers’ fees, notaries’ fees, registration fees, taxes, agents’ fees, etc. come to between 10% and 14% of the purchase price.

It is a legal requirement that a civil law notary must be hired to perform the property registration. Legal fees are negotiable, but you can expect to pay around £800 to £2,800, or around 1% – 1.5% of the property value, plus 19% VAT.

In addition there is a transfer tax to pay; this is a flat rate of 6% on either the purchase price or the market value of the property.

It usually costs more than you expect, so check your finances carefully. Currency rates will affect you – the following web site may save you money:

Finding a job in Holland

The European Free Movement of Workers agreement means you can live and work in the Netherlands without a visa or work permit.

One of the benefits of living in the Netherlands is the fact that there are many opportunities and avenues for international job-seekers. It is the base for various international/multi-national companies and numerous employment agencies specialise in finding work for international job-seekers.

Some useful employment websites include:

Newspapers (in the jobs section) and company websites can also be useful resources for vacancies.

The Centre for Work and Income is a Dutch government department dedicated to employment in the Netherlands including the advertising of vacancies and searching of suitable candidates. Vacancies are also available for non-Dutch speakers.

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