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Transportation in Ireland

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Transportation in Ireland

Public Transportation in Ireland

Ireland has three major airports, Dublin, Shannon and Cork, and a number of regional ones. There are frequent services to the UK. However the buses are the main method of transportation in Ireland; intercity connections are fast and reliable, although in rural areas, they may run less frequently. Trains are less frequent and more expensive on the whole.

Driving in Ireland

Driving in Ireland is very pleasant, but the stunning views may waylay you and make your journey longer. You are likely to find road distances in kilometres and miles, although the latter are being phased out. At least they drive on the left, and there are no rules about what you must carry in the car. It is not difficult to run out of fuel in the rural areas where petrol stations may be far and few.

Documents you MUST carry


Taxi Rates

The starting cost of Taxi course in Ireland is generally around €4.20 which is higher than most of Britain however the tariffs for the ride and therefor the overall cost of the course is much lower than in London and fairly lower than rest of Britain. Some popular locations taxi prices are:

Data taken from numbeo. Check here for more information on living in Ireland.

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