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driving in Latvia

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Driving in Latvia

Public Transportation in Latvia

Latvia has a good, reasonably priced, rail service. There is an even wider bus network, mostly with modern buses; comfortable seating and air conditioning. Tickets can be bought at the time or on line. This causes the fact that driving in Latvia will not be your preferred way of getting around.

Taxis come in different colours. From Riga International Airport, the green taxis are said to be cheaper, and for general honesty the red taxis have a good reputation. Just be sure you choose a metered taxi so there can be less overcharging.

Apart from the only major Latvian airport, Riga offers travel by bus, tram and trolleybus. You can buy your tickets on boarding or buy a monthly pass. Buses run through most of the night.

Driving in Latvia

Driving in Latvia conforms to the European rules – so is not so different from in the UK. There is an extensive road network and plenty of petrol stations. Alcohol limits are 50mg/100ml (UK 80mg/100ml), and dipped headlights are required all the time. You will need winter tires for December 1 to March 1, but dates can change according to the weather.

Carry with you in the car:

Also recommended are a reflective vest and torch.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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