Driving in Luxembourg

Public Transportation

Luxembourg has a good public transport system, easy to use and accessible — the buses in the city are in multicoloured stripes, and the buses make an excellent alternative to driving in Luxembourg. The traffic is very heavy and many lane changes in the capital. You can reach almost anywhere in the country within an hour using trains and buses. Most buses pass the railway station.

Trains generally run on time, they are modern and comfortable and fares are relatively cheap. The railway station is not an unattractive building. Train tickets are also valid on buses and vice-versa. From the railway station, situated in the town centre, the buses take you straight to the modern, newly updated airport in around 35 minutes. This costs around 2 euro. A taxi would cost around 20 euro.

Driving in Luxembourg

Driving in Luxembourg varies from the fast, apparent free-for-all in the city itself to the more peaceful, rural, but mostly well-maintained roads. Despite Luxembourg being an expensive country, fuel is actually cheaper here than in the neighbouring countries. Beware the priority from the right rule, especially in built-up areas.

Documents you MUST carry

  • Insurance certificate — obligatory at least for third party
  • Driving licence with photograph
  • Vehicle registration documents

Equipment you MUST carry

  • Warning triangle — must be displayed if there is an accident
  • Headlight converter
  • Reflective vest

First aid kit is highly recommended

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