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Public Transportation in Norway

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Public Transportation in Norway

Driving in Norway

Personal car can become your favourite mean of transportation in Norway, since Norwegian traffic is one of the safest in the world. People tend to obey the rules which are strictly enforced. Any kind of aggressive driving, like risky overtaking, is regarded as an offence. In fact you may only overtake on long straight roads with good visibility. You must give way to traffic from the right, unless signed, and you must keep your headlights on all the year round. However, not a lot has been spent on road development, with only around 300km of four-lane highways – resulting in high congestion at times.

If you meet a car on a narrow mountain road, then the car going down has to reverse to allow passage. You will need winter tyres, Norwegian drivers are skilled at driving on ice and snow, and although speeds are lower they rarely give up. The roads are kept open efficiently, but beware of driving in these conditions in rush hour.

The drink drive limit is 0.02%. If you are caught exceeding the limit you go to jail for 30 days, you are fined around 10% of your annual income and your licence removed. After a year you can take a driving test – another expense, and hopefully regain your licence. Speeding excess is similarly punished.

Another hazard is the wildlife – moose, deer may jump into the road, especially at dusk. If you do hit one, call the police who will send a specialist to end the animal’s suffering. Reindeer may also wander onto the roads – often in large numbers.

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Public Transportation in Norway

Public transport in Norway is very efficient, and often integrated. You can obtain a NSB Togruter free from most railway stations, this details timetables and connections. You need the latest copy as times change with the seasons. Sometimes minipris tickets may be available if you book early over the internet, and these will save you money.

Railways go as far north as Bodo, after that it’s ferries and buses. The post ferry, or coastal ferry, is a wonderful way to explore the country, with frequent stops and scenic views, visiting otherwise inaccessible places. There is an extensive ferry system for crossing the fjords and visiting the many islands, but some only take pedestrians and cyclists. You will be spoilt for choice in Norway.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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