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Health Care In Portugal For Expats

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Have you recently moved to Portugal? Are you planning to move there? You will need to know all about health care in Portugal for expats and long-term visitors. This guide should help you understand the local health system.

Who qualifies for health care services?

If you are a legal resident in Portugal, you immediately qualify for the National Health Care System (SNS). The charges incurred when you resort to clinics are low, and you also get discounts on most prescription medications. There are usually long waiting periods if you are trying to get more comprehensive exams such as CT scans and MRIs, but if you are willing to wait, the costs will be very accessible.

It is important to remember that in Portugal, you only qualify for minor care under the (SNS). In order to have a more comprehensive coverage you will need to apply for a private insurance policy.

Where to seek health care in Portugal

Health Centres exist in most cities and will be your first point of contact in order to register for the SNS. Most health centres employ English speaking doctors. The range of health professionals available at Health Centres may vary.

Accessing specialist health care in Portugal

If the GP at the Health Centre refers you to a specialist, these costs will also be covered. Just make sure that the specialist has a protocol with the public health system. The charges will be significantly smaller than going to a specialist that does not collaborate with SNS.

For example:

More information for anyone moving to Portugal

If you are planning on moving to Portugal, make sure you choose a trusted removals company like VanOne. We can get your possessions safely your new home. We have also created this series of guides to life in Portugal. We want your move to be as simple and stress-free as possible! Check our our other blogs for valuable information about Portuguese officialdom, culture, economy and more.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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