Relocating to Spain

Spanish Customs

Britain is not a member of the Schengen area, and therefore customs formalities apply. However because UK is a member of the EU, there is little of consequence to concern the average Briton relocating to Spain. You will need prior permission if you wish to bring arms in, and there is no free import of technical drawings. Otherwise you can bring in most things, with no currency restrictions. That’s including a limited quantity of alcohol and cigarettes. You can check this site for more information:

Registering Essentials

The Spanish are famed for bureaucracy, which can be difficult to deal with. However, there are some things you have to do, and one of them is to apply for your national identity card.

You must register in person at the nearest Office for Foreigners (Oficina de Extranjeros) which is normally part of the Town Hall (Ayuntamiento), or at specific police stations.

You will receive an A4 print of Residence Certificate. Certicate will be stating your name, address, nationality, NIE number (Número de Identificación Extranjeros) and date of registration. You will need:

  • ID (passport)
  • Proof of economic viability
  • Health insurance

The certificate will is almost immediately after confirmation of compliance with the corresponding requirements. This certificate will give the name, nationality and address of the registered person. His foreign national identity number and the date of registration are also stated.


Relocating to Spain


Registering on the padrón

The padrón is a list of all the people who live in a certain town, and by law you should register at the Town Hall. It simply enables the authority to know how many people live in the area. You will need:

  • Passport
  • Address
  • Residence certificate card
  • Recent utility bill
  • Proof of ownership or tenancy agreement
  • Possible small fee

The process is completed on the same day.

Once you’ve completed the simple process, you can begin to enjoy all the advantages being on the padrón offers, such as:

  • Better public services
  • Discounts for some leisure activities
  • Access to some social benefits
  • Travel discounts
  • Certain administrative tasks are easier

Relocating to Spain with Pets

Pets require their own pet passport, microchips. Rabies vaccinations within 1 year (but not closer than 21 days from departure), and up-to-date routine vaccinations are also required. If you intend to bring in more than 5 animals there may be restrictions, and clearance of all animals may be delayed after working hours or at weekends. See for more detailed information. Finally – if you intend to bring the pet back to the UK you must ensure that you keep the rabies vaccinations up to date.

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