Removals to Croatia


Want a reliable, secure and friendly removal service without having to pay an arm and a leg for it? You’ve come to the right place. At VanOne, we’re passionate about our values, because it’s by sticking to them that we’re able to deliver all the things you want in a removal service. For us it’s standard to deliver great service to our customers, to treat our customers’ posessions with care, and to offer the cheapest prices. So click on the quote form and before you know it you’ll be eating Pršut (dry cured ham) and drinking Rakija (herbal spirit) in the comfort of your new home.

Your journey with us:

As soon as you open the door to our driver, you’ll be greeted with a smile. He’ll be experienced and trained in heavy lifting, helping you carry all your possessions safely to the van and securing them neatly inside. As soon as that’s done, Croatia here we come!

Naturally you’ll be concerned about your belongings. Don’t worry – we’ll update you regularly as we travel, and when we’re two hours away from your new home, we’ll phone you to let you know when we’ll be there.

Two hours later, the same friendly driver who helped to pack your possessions will arrive, ready to help you unpack them again and carry them inside. It really is that simple!

How to prepare:

There’s a British Army saying that’s equally useful for anyone moving home: Proper planning prevents poor performance. When packing your belongings, make sure you: protect furniture by covering or placing padding on it and secure loose items by placing them in boxes or suitcases.

If you need materials for packing, you can check out our online store where you’ll find heavy-duty shrink wrap and protective blankets.

Documents you’ll need:

Filling in forms isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, so you can breathe a sigh of relief, because there are only two forms to fill in when preparing for your removals to Croatia. First there is a CMR form (cargo movement), which the driver will give to you on the day of your move. Second, there is an insurance form, which we will email to you upon you making your booking (insurance is free).

How long does the removals to Croatia take to complete?

It’s really quick actually. Once the driver has loaded all your belongings into the van, he will drive straight for your new home. The typical length journey from the UK to Croatia is just 36 hours, so you’ll be sitting on that comfy sofa again in no time.

  • For moves from Wales or Scotland, travel times can take up to 48 hours.
  • For orders that are smaller than the full capacity of the removal vehicle (<15 cubic meters), delivery can take up to 5 days. For more details, please click here.

Easy, Safe & Cheap:

We provide a simple and efficient removal service to our customers, but we don’t stop there. We consider all our customers to be special, so to make sure your house move goes without a hitch, we abide by three core values. What they mean to you is, your move will be easy – because of our great service, safe – because of us taking care with your posessions, and cheap – because we believe in charging fair prices. What more could you want? Click for a quote right away.

Any other questions?

If we haven’t answered some of your questions about our removals to Croatia, please check out our FAQ page. The answer is sure to be listed there.

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