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Living in Greece

Because of the Greek crisis you’ll find that – despite surprisingly low rents – overall cost of living in Greece is actually pretty high and almost reaching UK level. Buying a House in Greece Apart from a few designated areas near the borders, you can buy a house anywhere in Greece. In recent years house prices have risen as more people are relocating to Greece or buying second homes. You will find a lot of new buildings – and a lot of estate agents – so shop around. By...

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Social Life in Greece

Language In Greece, the official language is Greek, spoken by 98% of the population. The largest minority language is Macedonian, spoken by 1.8% of the population. Others include Albanian, spoken in the centre and the south, and Turkish, spoken by Muslim communities around the Aegean. These minority languages do not have official status. There are some minority dialects also spoken, like Cypriot Greek and Cretan Greek. English, Spanish, French and Italian are taught in schools and widely understood. The great thing is that if you have children they do seem able to...

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Transportation in Greece

Driving in Greece After trying to drive in Greece you may opt to use public transportation instead. You may be the only person on the road who has actually taken and passed a driving test, as many people simply use bribes to save themselves the trouble. So drive defensively. In the mountain areas there are narrow roads, blind curves, and unprotected embankments sometimes on the edge of 1 000 foot cliffs. Look out for people parked in unbelievably stupid places, it’s not uncommon. If you are driving over a weekend,...

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Medical Care in Greece

Medical Care in Greece IKA is the largest Social Security Organisation, which covers the expenses for medical care in Greece. The Greek social security institute (IKA-ETAM) will be able to provide information: IKA-ETAMOdos Agiou Konstantinou 8AthensGreeceTelephone: +30 21 5200 555 -64 or -184 Information is also available online from IKA-ETAM’s website.  You can find contact details there of IKA-ETAM’s local offices all over Greece. Try to consult an IKA-ETAM doctor or dentist to receive treatment for free or at a reduced cost. Show your EHIC on the day. You may also consult a...

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Relocating to Greece

Ancient Wisdom but Modern Day Myopia You may have birthplace of philosophy in mind when you’re relocating to Greece, but the fact is that even though the ancient Greeks had wisdom, in modern Greece they have lived for the present. Entire generations have eluded the tax inspectors – or paid them off. Unemployment soars -16.5%. Consulting the internet to ascertain where the day’s strikes are likely to be is an essential part of life just now. The worst thing in the air is the loss of hope for ordinary...

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Moving to Greece from the UK

  Ah, Greece… A land replete with historical treasures, as well as magnificent natural beauty. A land “chosen by the Gods”, as a campaign by the Greek Tourism Organisation aptly puts it. But visiting a country for a short period of time as a tourist is one thing, and moving to Greece for a longer stay is entirely another. Life in Greece involves challenges – some of them affecting even locals, and certainly someone who has not lived in the country before: and might not even...

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