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Customs & Immigration Policies when moving from the UK to Switzerland

Customs & Immigration Policies So you’ve made the big decision to move to Switzerland. It’s a lovely country and we’re sure you’ll love it. Switzerland boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world and its cities regularly top the list of the most desirable places to live. Naturally, the Swiss want to keep things this way, so they’ve put some rules and regulations in place for people moving to their country. Don’t worry, they’re nothing too complex, but...

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10 tips to make your moving to Switzerland easy

Whether you are relocating to Switzerland to work, to retire or simply to enjoy the beautiful countryside, some preparation will make your move run smoothly. If work is your object, first find employment if it is not already arranged, since that will determine where you settle.Be aware that Switzerland has four languages -French, German, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is divided into units called cantons – and they have a high degree of autonomy. Regulations about language, housing, and other matters will be different...

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Swiss customs regulations

The Swiss have customs regulations they want travellers to abide by. It is imperative to declare any taxable merchandise. Import taxes are usually inexpensive mostly for small quantities. However failure to declare your merchandise will result in paying the duty plus a fine that is generally two times the TVA (sales tax) on the goods. Flying is the one of the most common modes of transportation to Switzerland, upon arrival at the Swiss airport you are required to declare any taxable items, otherwise the airport officials may be inclined...

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Cantons of Switzerland

The word canton means district or a section or part of a country; in total there are 26 cantons in Switzerland. Not all cantons speak the same language, some cantons are French speaking, German speaking and Italian speaking, while in other cantons like Graubünden: German, and Romansh are spoken. Switzerland has become the international hotspot of choice for wealthy Britons looking to relocate abroad. There are many established British communities in the different cantons who live and work there. There is a high British population in cantons such as Geneva Zurich. Also there are...

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Moving with pets to Switzerland

Moving with pets to Switzerland can be not that easy as it seems to be, because Switzerland is not a member of EU. Pets, especially dogs are considered to be a man’s best friend. As a result, you need to put your pets into consideration when moving to a new location. If you intend to move to Switzerland with your pets, here are a few pointers you will need to know. Firstly, if you will be flying, one of the crucial steps is to insure the pet...

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