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Education in Austria

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Education in Austria

Austria, otherwise known as Österreich in the German language simply means the ‘Eastern Kingdom/Empire‘. German is the official language in Austria and also the predominant language, other languages spoken in Austria include: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Turkish, Polish and Hungarian. The seat of government is located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna which makes Vienna de facto capital city; Vienna is also the largest city in Austria.

If you are interested in relocating to Austria to study, prospective students can enrol into the world class teaching university: Vienna University of Economics and Business, it features a beautiful, quiet campus that is situated idyllically outside of town offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Other prestigious schools in Austria include: University of Salzburg, University of Graz, Sigmund Freud University and so on.

Austrian German is the language used in the educational system and most other Austrian media platforms. It is important to note that there are subtle differences in German used in Germany and Austrian German.

European member states union students (EU) do not require a visa to study in Austria, but will be required to apply for a residence permit from the local resident registration office. Austria has many reputable universities, as a result three of Austria’s universities have been featured in the QS World University Rankings 2013-2014 top 300: The foremost university of Vienna was ranked 158th, followed by Vienna University of Technology ranked 264th and Universität Innsbruck is ranked 289th.

The University of Vienna was founded in 1365, it is the largest and oldest university in the country, although German is predominantly spoken in the university, some courses are however taught in English, to benefit English speakers. (education in Austria)

Prospective students are required to be moderately proficient in the German language, this can be proven by way of exams and tests; such as the Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache für ausländische Studienbewerber (TestDaF). Many universities require a minimum level of command of the German language which equates to the B1/B2 level according to the European language passport. There after the student can then submit the results with their application to the appropriate university’s student admission office or uploaded on-line depending on the mode of application.

Likewise many masters and postgraduate courses are usually aimed at international students, so in this case the students may not require any knowledge of German, however it is imperative to find out from the university what the language requirements are before relocating.

Since 2008, higher education courses for all EU students have been free, albeit with some exceptions i.e. that the time limit/duration of the course is not exceeded, when the time limit is exceeded a fee of about €363.36 per term is charged. Some further exceptions are: students with an annual salary of above €5,000 may be charged tuition. However a general, mandatory fee of €17 is charged for the student union and insurance.

As an international student relocating to Austria, it is wise to have enough budget to sustain you throughout the duration of your course to cover different expenses such as accommodation, transport, food and other things. You can also book cheap removals to Austria right here on this website.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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