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living in the biggest cities of Belgium

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Life in the Biggest Belgium Cities after moving from UK

Belgium is a small country, but do not let the small size fool you as this place definitely has a lot to offer for a potential expat. It is essentially a great place to live in and to get around, especially as the English language is commonly spoken here.  Quite apart from that, there are many interesting Belgium cities that you will surely love to explore.

Belgium is divided in 2 ethnic regions – the French speaking Wallonia and the Dutch speaking Flanders. An imaginary line (east-west) is divides them bisecting the country south of Brussels, which is a separate region and bilingual, both French and Dutch are the official languages here – and many people also speak English. Though it’s a political issue for Belgians, for expats and travellers, it is of little importance.

So don’t think about the politics and focus more on the abundance of culture, beautiful Belgium cities, great towns, and historic places you will find everywhere. Visit Brussels, the self proclaimed Europe capital which is the main headquarters of NATO and European Union. There are the wonderful masterpieces in the art galleries and museums not to mention the ever popular dinosaur exhibition – a great draw for children and adults alike.  Belgium also has an excellent reputation for delicious foods and drinks. Beer, chocolate, sausages and waffles seem to be everywhere.

Where to Live in Belgium?

If you really want to emigrate to Belgium, then, one of the most important considerations for you to think about is which part of the country would you fit in best. Would you find the French speaking parts easier? Do you want to be involved in large expatriate communities, or would you prefer to be in the countryside? Fortunately, there are plenty of great Belgium cities for you to choose from.


Brussels is indeed one of the ‘must see’ destinations of Europe. With the place’s central location, Brussels is conveniently accessible by high speed rail or by air from nearby countries. A place considered as international metropolis, Brussels is a true mosaic of cultures, traditions, and languages.


There’s a well sized population of American and British families that live here, and there are lots of international schools and universities, not to mention plenty of English speaking societies and clubs. Plus, most Flemish speakers actually speak English, so the place is a very attractive place to live in, especially if your language abilities are limited yet you are a social kind of person.  

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Usually claimed as the most excellent and beautiful city of Belgium.  The most famous place for potential expats are Muinparkwijk due to the affordable houses as well as Coupure and gardens where there are lots of old homes near a breathtakingly beautiful river.


This commune right outside Brussels region is a good village to live in. It’s a French speaking commune in the ‘Flemish belt’. It is expensive, however, to live down by the lake because of its five star hotel, water sport facilities, and Geneva style waterspout. Genval is only a twenty minute train journey from Brussels town centre, thus it is a very ideal commuting place.


Is the largest town in the French-speaking sector. Its town centre has great stocks of excellent apartment buildings. In addition to that, expats and students often gather around in the streets and boulevards, making for quite active social life in Belgium. The city is popularly known for its varied nightlife and folk festivals. There is a maze of ‘medieval’ streets with some unusual shops, although at the present time there are a great many road works going on, but no doubt this will be temporary.

These are just some of the most popular locations for expats. If you are planning to live in Belgium, consider the above mentioned places. They deserve to be included in your list of potential places where you can start a brand new life.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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