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social life in Czechia

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Social Life in Czechia


To help you dive into the social life in Czechia you should learn at least the basics of the official language in Czech Republic, which is Czech. This is a Slavonic language like Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Russian, Croatian and Bulgarian. Although the alphabet used is the Latin one, they use lots of diacritical marks (accents), making one letter for one sound — and their marks can change the meaning and pronunciation of words. You will find that in Prague many people do speak English, and German, but not in country districts. However, the Czechs do seem to be both kind and patient. Learn a little Czech language and it should go a long way.

Social Life in Czechia

Throughout a history of war, protest and government changes the Czechs have remained true to their traditions and values.  Social life centres around the family, and, until they get to know you, you will find the people formal and reserved, although polite. Wait to be invited to use the first name, or you may be seen as insulting. If you are invited to a home, arrive promptly, bringing chocolates or wine. Be careful of flowers as they may have a romantic connotation to the over 35s. Avoid calla lilies as they are funereal, and avoid the number 13. Don’t sit until invited — and do praise the food — it’s a good subject for conversation. Note that the Czechs have a dark sense of humour and can laugh at themselves.

They have a better balance between work and play than we have in the UK. Weekends and holidays are for fun, usually with the family. There is a saying “Every Czech is a musician”. The country is renowned for the outstanding art, glass and crystal works. Every piece is unique and handmade, mouth-blown and decorated.

The Czech Republic is full of art and cultural events, Prague opera house is well worth a visit, for the lovely décor as well as the first class entertainment. You will find classical concerts nearly every night in Prague. Also, they do have the highest beer consumption in the world! Prague has hundreds of pubs, but they also like the outdoors — gardening, cross-country skiing and sports. They are mad about football and hockey.

Prague has all kinds of nightclubs. Dance clubs with DJs, cool jazz joints, cocktail lounges and even a few dubbed as discos, not to mention the red light district. All night dancing and music is on offer at the best night clubs.  Tourist information centres have a generous amount of information on the sites to visit, and the local library will have details of the culture — theatre, music, art, exhibitions and places to visit.

National Holidays

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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