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Public Transportation in Vilnius Lithuania

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Public Transportation in Vilnius Lithuania


Driving in Lithuania is not unlike driving in the UK. Drive defensively, expect the unexpected. The alcohol level permitted is 0.04%.

You will need winter tires for Dec 1-March 1, but dates can change according to the weather. Headlights must be used from 1 November to 1 March.

Carry with you:

Also recommended

Radar detectors are illegal.


Public Transportation in Vilnius Lithuania

There are three major airports, Vilnius is the largest. It is only 4 km from the city centre and buses provide easy access.

Entering Lithuania by rail from the West may be difficult, cheap flights have made some routes redundant, although the railways are state subsidised and often cheaper than the buses. There are good train connections from the east. The Vilnius-Kaunas route is operated by modern double-decker trains that are significantly faster than buses otherwise, intercity buses may be a better option than trains. Note that there may not be any public transport at night.

There are also car ferries from Germany and Sweden.

In the cities there are extensive bus services and trolleybuses in Vilnius and Kaunas. You can buy tickets from kiosks or the driver – you pay the driver around 25% more for his extra work. Buses tend to be less frequent than the trolleybuses.

In some cities there are private vans which run on preordained routes and can be flagged down at any point on the route. It can be hard to find out where the route is and there are no predefined times. You buy tickets from the driver.

Avoid taxis if you can as Lithuanian taxi drivers tend to overcharge.

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