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Transportation on Malta

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Transportation in Malta


A taxi driver once explained Maltese driving in a nutshell to me. He said, “The English drive on the left, everyone else drives on the right – but in Malta we drive in the shade”. I found that to be true –although the rules say that they drive on the left, like us. You would be well advised to take out comprehensive insurance. There are speed limits of 80km/h (48mph) on the open road and 50km/h (30mph) in built-up areas, unless otherwise indicated on relevant road signs. However car is not a preferred mean of transportation in Malta.

National or international driving licences are accepted. Petrol stations do not normally accept credit cards. The alcohol limit is 0.08% as in the UK.

Documents you MUST carry

Note that you cannot drive in the medieval town of Medina unless you are a resident.

Public Transportation in Malta

Malta has quite an extensive bus service for a small island and you can reach most parts during the day, although the service closes at night time. The buses have the low floors which enable wheelchair access. They are also air-conditioned. For the latest information go to

There are also water ferry services, especially to Gozo, which takes around 20 minutes and to Comino. You will find a water shuttle service from Valletta to Vittoriosa and Senglea using traditional Maltese boats.

The white taxi service can pick up passengers from anywhere, except bus-stops. Taxi services from the Malta International Airport to all localities in Malta are based on a fixed tariff. It’s always better to agree on a fare before you enter a taxi.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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