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Driving in Romania

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Driving in Romania

Public Transport in Romania

Before deliberating about driving in Romania it’s worth to mention that it has an extensive and modern public transport system, which is state owned and administered by the Ministry of Transport. The River Danube is an important waterway with the port of Constanta. Bucharest airport is a major international airport hub. Air travel within Romania faces competition from the state owned CFR railway network.

At present Bucharest is the only city in Romania with an underground railway system, opened in 1979 and which is much used, it has 49 stations.

In Romania the trains generally run on time, there is a good network, covering almost the whole country, and fares are reasonable. There are local trains, Inter-regional trains which need seat reservation with the ticket and the fastest and dearest Intercity trains. There are also nine steam trains.

There are fast, inexpensive intercity bus connections, but for remoter areas you may require a taxi. Taxis are mostly safe and generally honest. If you would like to know more go to the following website – it tells you all you could possibly want about taxis in Romania:

Driving in Romania

Driving in Romania is an experience. Getting lost is easy, but seeing round blind bends is not – it is safer to assume you will meet some driver almost head on in this situation. Donkeys also play “chicken” in pulling out at the last possible moment – so watch out for our four-legged friends, especially at night. And a gap, any gap, is meant to be squeezed into e.g. two lanes means three cars.

You need to have plenty of euros for the motorway toll, and cash for petrol stations. There is zero alcohol level tolerance. If you bring in a damaged car, get the police to confirm this, unless you want some awkward questions if you take it out of the country. And on leaving you may have to pay tax on unused petrol in your tank.

Unlike in the UK, on a roundabout you must give way to traffic coming in from the right. The police can be vigilant and if you break the rules there are severe penalties, although Romanians often ignore this.

What you need to carry:

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Last updated on 18th August 2019

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