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Driving in Slovenia

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Driving in Slovenia

Public transport

Slovenia can be entered by air, land or sea. In the summer months catamarans offer services to link Venice and other parts of Italy and Slovenia with the capital. Buses are often the most popular form of transport linking the towns and are a fair alternative to driving in Slovenia.

The main International border crossing points are open 24 hours and access to the country can be made by car or coach. The public buses in Slovenia are operated by Avtobusna Postaja and this is often the only means by which to get around as there are no metro or trams in the cities. There are railway networks in Slovenia but the trains, whilst a cheap form of travel, are often slow.

Driving in Slovenia

Driving can be a bit scary in Slovenia, as overtaking on blind bends seems to be commonplace. Headlights are required by law 24 hours a day. There is also zero tolerance on drink driving. However, the toll roads are a pleasure to drive with pleasant rest stops and with a speed limit of 130Km/hour – often ignored.

Be aware that most car insurances do not cover damage to the under-parts or wheels of your vehicle – and be wary of driving through a puddle or you may find out why. Also, note that red lights only mean STOP if it is unsafe to go on.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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