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Healthcare in Slovenia

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Pensions and Health Care in Slovenia

Social Insurance and Health Care in Slovenia

In Slovenia the health care service is funded by public health insurance and is generally very good. Private insurance can cover extra medical treatments.

However, you would be well advised to update your tetanus and diphtheria injections and consider vaccinations against hepatitis A and B, typhoid and rabies. This is especially important if you are planning to visit any rural areas.

You have to take compulsory health insurance for basic health care and you can top this up with additional voluntary insurance. Compulsory health insurance is provided by the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia All employed and self-employed persons and all retired persons who receive a pension from a Slovenian insurance provider are insured under the health insurance scheme.

If you receive a UK state retirement pension or long-term incapacity benefit, you may be entitled to state-funded healthcare paid for by the UK. You’ll need to apply for form S1 from the International Pension Centre. Telephone:  0191 218 7777. You need to register your S1 with the Health Insurance Institute (HIIS) – this entitles you to an EHIC issued by the UK, this allows access to medical care in other EEA countries – including Britain.

It may be wise to KEEP YOUR OWN ACCURATE AND DETAILED MEDICAL RECORDS! One good thing for us is that many doctors speak good English and are happy to practice it.

You will find more information at

Pensions in Slovenia

If you are a pensioner, you need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments. (Phone 0191 218 7777)

Slovenia has double taxation agreements with the UK so you will probably not be taxed twice – provided you ensure that the tax offices are aware of your circumstances. You can arrange to have your pension paid directly into your Slovene bank account – and still benefit from the increases as if you still lived in the Britain.

Contact HMRC and your pension providers well before you leave the UK. If you’ve only worked, lived or are working abroad then you must claim the State Pension through the relevant authority of the country where you currently live and have worked in.

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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