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Living in Slovenia

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Living in Slovenia

Buying a house in Slovenia

There are no restrictions to buying a house and living in Slovenia, but there are if you want to buy farm land. Ensure you understand everything before signing anything, if necessary, employ the services of a translator. Make sure you have your tax number and EMSO number from you local authority.

  1. You need to employ an estate agent even if you have found your new home. They are trained, licensed and registered.
  2. Your agent contacts the seller with your offer.
  3. They arrange for a contract – and get it translated for you.
  4. You sign and pay 10% deposit.
  5. Search for title conducted – and may only take 2 days, but make sure you get translations.
  6. The agent draws up a new copy of the land registry entry. This confirms that there are no encumbrances and that there has been a proper evaluation for tax purposes.
  7. You pay the balance.

Around 90 to 130 days are needed to complete the transaction.

Total transaction costs include all costs of buying and then re-selling a property – lawyers’ fees, notaries’ fees, registration fees, taxes, agents’ fees, etc   and usually come to between 3.2% – 5.4% of the purchase price. The estate agent fees are split between buyer and seller. It usually costs more than you expect, so check your finances carefully. Currency rates will affect you – the following web site may save you money:

Finding a job in Slovenia

The European Free Movement of Workers agreement means you can live and work in Slovenia without a visa or work permit.

Your ability to find work depends upon our language skills. English is a bonus, but it helps to be fairly fluent in Slovenian. If you are moving for employment, the administrative details may be handled by the employer. It is wise to get a written contract if possible. A verbal contract gives little protection.

The Employment Service of Slovenia publishes job vacancies and does job brokering – for which there is no fee. You can also post your CV there. It is worth applying on spec as many companies will keep your CV on file even if no work is available at the time you write in.

Usefull Information about Living in Slovenia

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Last updated on 12th August 2019

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