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Property renting process in Austria

Having just arrived from London to escape the rainy cold winters of the UK to spend the winter skiing in the Austrian Alps, I was lucky enough to move straight into an apartment found by a friend. Therefore, being blissfully unaware of the puzzling property renting process in Austria. Albeit this was no ordinary apartment, it was one of the oldest buildings in the town and was collapsing to the floor. The owner was planning on getting it demolished that meant we managed to get it for...

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How to get Red White Red Card in Austria

Get quote & Book How to get Red White Red Card in Austria Since 2011 Austria has introduced the Red White Red Card which allows workers who meet certain criteria from non-EU countries, to live and work in Austria with the intention of permanently settling here. This is the journey of my good friend’s Lou from Australia. Lou was one of the lucky ones to apply for the Red-White-Red Card successfully – however, this was not without the usual Austrian bureaucratic adversity. Often known around town as “Tattoo Lou” as her entire arm is covered with a tattoo...

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Moving to Austria from UK

Undisturbed for 5000 years, his relatives live on. Otzi – entombed in ice, on the borders of Austria and Italy, lay undisturbed for over 5,000 years, yet his relatives, as proved by DNA testing, are alive today. From Otzi to Mozart, Austria is a country with a rich heritage, and a beautiful, diverse countryside, from the plains in the North to the Alps in the South. Here there is something for everyone. In 1995 Austria joined the EU, and also the Schengen area Capital city. The capital is Vienna and...

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Education in Austria

Get quote & Book Education in Austria Austria, otherwise known as Österreich in the German language simply means the ‘Eastern Kingdom/Empire‘. German is the official language in Austria and also the predominant language, other languages spoken in Austria include: Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Turkish, Polish and Hungarian. The seat of government is located in the Hofburg Palace in Vienna which makes Vienna de facto capital city; Vienna is also the largest city in Austria. If you are interested in relocating to Austria to study, prospective students can enrol into the world class teaching university: Vienna University...

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Facts about Austria

Get quote & Book Facts about Austria Austria is a federal republic, the country is also referred to as ‘Lander’ in German. The main official language spoken in Austria is German. However, one of the less known facts about Austria is that there is a plethora of other languages spoken in Austria such as: Alemannic and Austro-Bavarian Turkish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovene, Turkish, Slovak, Romani among many others. This means that moving to Austria need not be onerous and laborious as it is home to a variety of communities and ethnic groups. There...

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