Moving to Portugal

“Half the World belongs to Portugal”

One fun fact that sets you in the right mindframe when moving to Portugal is this:

In 1495, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed – this gave the eastern half of the New World to Portugal. It included Brazil – and China. Portuguese is still the national language of Brazil. And Portugal and England have the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world, signed in 1373, and still in force today.

Portugal joined the EU in 1986 and ia a member of the Schengen area. The capital city is Lisbon and the currency is the euro.

Portugal has a rich seafaring history, traces of which are all around – the Moorish and Oriental influence can be seen in the architecture and art throughout the country. Christian religious festivals are poplular. In 1755 Lisbon was struck by one of the most powerufl earthquakes in Europe – it struck on All Saint’s Day when churches were full of burning candels, which helped to ignite the raging fires that followed. Over a quarter of a million popele were killed and 85% of the buildings destroyed.


moving to portugal


Expats in Portugal

There are several sites where you can get information about expat clubs, news and communities. These three sites will give you a taste of what is available.

Top tip on moving to Portugal

Get to know the markets in Lisbon – they are fascinating. Feira da Ladra sells most things, Mercado da Ribeira sells food and in Mouraria you can find all kinds of Asian and African goods.

Go ahead and get a free quote on moving to Portugal.

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