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What is Sanremo famous for?

Sanremo is situated in Italy and it is famously referred to as the City of Flowers, so probably this could be the shortest answer for question “What is Sanremo famous for”. Sanremo was initially established by the Romans, soon after the fall of the Roman Empire, different groups and tribes occupied the area such as the Saracens and Normans. Sanremo has a long rich history, during the 18th and 19th century, the town was a popular social centre, with an influx of foreigners turning the town into an upscale...

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Pension plan in Italy

Pensions are often associated with retirements and old age citizens, in essence a pension can be described as an efficient way to save money that will provide you with an income in later years. There are different types of pension packages, some schemes are facilitated by the government while others are run by private companies, so always you can find pension plan in Italy tailored to your expectations. An important change in the latest austerity measure of 2012 is the new retirement age, the Italian government increased the retirement...

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Active volcanoes in Italy

Mount Etna is famed for being Europe’s tallest  at 10,922 feet high at its summit; it is situated on the East coast of Sicily. Over the past 3,500 years Mount Etna has erupted constantly. Although, volcano eruptions can be said to be catastrophic, with the disruption caused by the thick blanket of smoke in the air, which can adversely affect air travel, the most recent eruption from Mount Etna that occurred October 2013, caused activities at Catania airport to come to a halt, the airport was temporarily closed down...

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Food in Italy – Italian cuisine

If you are moving or relocating to Italy, it is important to know about the different cuisines the country has to offer. By way of comparison, Southern Italy is poorer that the Northern and the Central parts. As a result, The Southerners subsisted mainly on vegetarian diet such as greens, pasta and bread. The South is also associated with cattle rearing and shepherding. This doesn’t mean that rich, healthy meals can’t be enjoyed in other parts of the country. As you can see food in Italy...

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Moving to Italy with a Family

Visit the lovely hill town of Marostica, about 1½ hours from Venice, to see a re-enactment of a live chess duel. In 1454 Lord Tadio Parisio held a living game of chess to decide between two noblemen who wanted the hand of his beautiful daughter, Leonora. The loser had to make do with his younger daughter, Oldrada. He held a grand parade with fireworks, flag-throwing and a great feast. Every two years the event is repeated, on the pink and white marble slabs imbedded in the...

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