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Relocating to Romania from the UK

Several fun facts, tips and go-to locations for you, if you consider moving to Romania. Anyone for Supper? Vampires are said to hang around the crossroads at certain times – and driving along the winding roads, over rugged mountain terrain and through deep dark forests, one can almost believe it. The idea of Dracula was inspired by Vlad the Impaler, ruler of Walachia in the 15th century. Romania joined the EU in 2007, but is not a member of the Schengen area. Bucharest is the capital city...

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Romanian Culture

Social Life and Traditions in Romania Romanians are known for their hospitality and generosity, and the patriarchal family is the basis of their social structure, members helping each other out in times of need. And Romania is a poor country, its wealth plundered for many years. Twenty-two per cent of the population live below the poverty line. To survive many have to resort to the black market. Yet guests are always fed, manners are polite and formal, the young defer to the elderly and men may kiss a woman’s hand...

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Driving in Romania

Public Transport in Romania Before deliberating about driving in Romania it’s worth to mention that it has an extensive and modern public transport system, which is state owned and administered by the Ministry of Transport. The River Danube is an important waterway with the port of Constanta. Bucharest airport is a major international airport hub. Air travel within Romania faces competition from the state owned CFR railway network. At present Bucharest is the only city in Romania with an underground railway system, opened in 1979 and which is much...

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Living in Romania

Let us briefly deliberate on all the issues of living in Romania, most notably two main ones, namely buying a house and finding a job. Buying a House in Romania House prices in Romania have declined in recent years, but there are no restrictions on house sales. Be sure you understand everything before you sign anything – use an interpreter if necessary. The usual steps are as follows: The seller has to present a fiscal certificate which proves that the property is registered with the fiscal authorities and that...

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Health Care in Romania

Pensions in Romania If you are a pensioner, you need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments (tel. 0191 218 7777). It may also help managing the formalities of receiving health care in Romania. Romania has double taxation agreements with the UK so you will not be taxed twice – provided you ensure that the tax offices are aware of your circumstances. You can arrange to have your pension paid directly into your Romanian bank account – and still benefit from...

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Moving to Romania

The People’s House – now The Palace of Parliament, was the height of communist architecture. Its colossal size makes it second only to the Pentagon as it has 1,100 rooms. But 70% of it is empty.   So you are considering moving to Romania - the land of vampires, Dracula, garlic, communism, bad roads and horse-drawn carriages… Hold on! What if we told you that all those things are actually stereotypes, and don’t really hold true at all? Romania is the land of super-fast internet, very good food, and,...

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