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What does 1 cubic metre of moving space look like?

1 Cubic Meter Visualisation for van removals

We’ve created this page and video for You.

What is 1 cubic metre? This question is frequently asked by our customers and this is why we’ve created the video showing one of our...

How much removal van space is 5 cubic metres?

5 cubic metres visualisation for van removals.

How much space is 5 cubic metres in real terms?

Checking the price for your removal on this website is easy but establishing how much space you need in the van for your items may...

See what 10 cubic metres look like in a van

We demonstrate 10 cubic metres as boxes with this helpful video

In order to facilitate the process of addressing your household for European removals, we’ve created 1 minute long video illustrating the process of...

How to visualise 15 cubic metres of space

Preparing for a big move?

See how many removal boxes fit into 15 cubic metres of van space?

15 cubic metres is the maximum volume each of our vans can take. Just watch our 1 minute long video we’ve created for you to see...

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