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Moving to Sweden from The UK

Trick or Treat — it’s Easter in Sweden When you’re moving to Sweden from The UK you may find it quite odd to observe a halloween setting during Easter. Folklore states that Easter was the time when witches stole the household brooms and flew to the (imaginary) Blue Mountain (somewhere in Germany) to consort with the devil. Now, children dress up as Easter witches. They paint their cheeks red and wear headscarves, then go from door to door with a copper kettle, asking for treats. Sweden joined...

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Health Care in Sweden

Pensions in Sweden Before describing the state of health care in Sweden, you should know that, if you plan to retire to Sweden, make sure you have sufficient funds, as it is quite an expensive place to live. High taxes on your income and pension contribute to that state. You also have to budget for private health insurance. You have to have an income at least as great as the Swedish pension (around 6 850 SEK (£620.50)) per month by law. Sweden has double taxation agreements with the UK...

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Driving in Sweden

Public Transportation in Sweden Driving in Sweden is not the preferred way to get around, since public transport is heavily subsidised and very efficient. There are 24 regional networks and an over-system where one ticket is valid on both buses and trains. In the south there are express buses where you do not have to reserve a seat, and there may be discounts for seniors and students. Buses and trains are often well integrated, with little difference in cost. Although the trains are fast and efficient, there are many...

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Social Life in Sweden

Language Learning Swedish might be useful for establishing a social life in Sweden. It is the official language, spoken by the vast majority of the population. It is similar to both Danish and Norwegian. There are five minority languages, including Finnish and Sami, which is spoken in the far North. English is widely spoken, followed by German and French. In fact, Sweden has been ranked “best in the World” at speaking English at least two years running, but they will appreciate your efforts at speaking their language. The great thing is...

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Facts about Sweden

Facts about Sweden Stockholm is very similar to any major UK city, unless of course you arrive in winter when the temperature is -20°C and a thick layer of snow covers everything. In my article I describe basic facts about Sweden which can be very helpful once you move to this country. The signs at the central train and bus stations are in English and the streets are packed with familiar branches of H&M, Clas Ohlson and Seven Eleven. If you’re ever in need of help, the locals are...

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Accommodation in Stockholm

How to find accommodation in Stockholm? Stockholm is not that different from any major UK city, unless of course you arrive in winter when the temperature is minus 20°C and everything is covered in a thick layer of snow, but looking for some accommodation for the first time can be very weird experience. Finding a Flat Finding accommodation in Stockholm, and generally in Sweden, can be a huge problem. Most of the rental apartments are owned by big housing associations, which have long queuing systems to allocate flats to...

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