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Social Care and Pensions in Portugal

Medical Care and Social Insurance Before we raise a question of pensions in Portugal, let’s talk about social insurance in general. Once you have your registration certificate, you may register with your local health centre, and receive free state healthcare. You must obtain a National Health Care Service “User Card” in order to take advantage of the free public healthcare system. You can do this at a local health centre with a passport and residency card. Private healthcare in Portugal is expensive, but it is the...

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Transportation in Portugal

Driving in Portugal Choosing a car as a mean of transportation in Portugal can be quite safe, as alcohol levels permitted are up to 0.05% and the penalties for exceeding this are severe. Hence you don’t usually see many drunk-drivers. Beware the priority from the right rule, and watch out at roundabouts as the Portuguese signalling is not always what we expect. To get a flavour of driving in Portugal you might like to visit this website Pinglet in Portugal. Documents you MUST carry: Insurance certificate – obligatory at least...

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Social Life in Portugal

Language Portuguese is practically universal in Portugal, but there are some special dialects. Nonetheless it helps greatly with establishing a social life in Portugal to learn at least a few words in Portuguese. The Southern and Central dialects: these include the dialect of the capital, Lisbon, which however has some peculiarities of its own. Although the dialects of the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira have unique characteristics of their own, they can also be grouped with the southern dialects. Most Portuguese from the towns have some...

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Buying a House in Portugal

If you consider buying a house in Portugal, you’ll do well to know that since it is a popular tourist destination, cost of living there may be a bit high in the season. It also reflects on the property prices. Buying a House in Portugal There are no restrictions to buying a house in Portugal and the process is not difficult. Once you have found a property, hire a lawyer and he or she will take care of things for you. They will draw up the contracts, check...

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Moving to Portugal from UK

Comfortably nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, this small coastal country has long proved an intriguing prospect for tourists, visitors, people moving to Portugal to start a life there, and other travellers from all over the world. Whether it’s the clear blue waters of Figueira Da Foz, the verdant expanses of the Algarve, or the old-world feel of well-established cities like Porto or Lisbon, the country has been offering up its charms to visitors for centuries - and shows no sign of slowing down any time...

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Moving to Portugal

“Half the World belongs to Portugal” One fun fact that sets you in the right mindframe when moving to Portugal is this: In 1495, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed – this gave the eastern half of the New World to Portugal. It included Brazil – and China. Portuguese is still the national language of Brazil. And Portugal and England have the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world, signed in 1373, and still in force today. Portugal joined the EU in 1986 and is a member of the Schengen...

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