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Living in Ireland

Cost of Living in Ireland It shouldn’t be surprising that living in Ireland is considerably less costly than it is in UK. The difference in prices is especially visible in rent and property prices. For instance – buying an apartment in the centre of London will cost you £16000 per square meter, same kind of apartment in Dublin you can buy for £4000 per square meter. Buying a House in Ireland There are no restrictions to buying a house in Ireland. The process is similar to that in the UK, so...

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Transportation in Ireland

Public Transportation in Ireland Ireland has three major airports, Dublin, Shannon and Cork, and a number of regional ones. There are frequent services to the UK. However the buses are the main method of transportation in Ireland; intercity connections are fast and reliable, although in rural areas, they may run less frequently. Trains are less frequent and more expensive on the whole. Driving in Ireland Driving in Ireland is very pleasant, but the stunning views may waylay you and make your journey longer. You are likely to find road...

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Social Life in Ireland

Language Thankfully you won’t need to learn a new language to have a social life in Ireland, as Irish and English are both the official languages of Ireland, with Irish being the first national official language, and the language used in the EU. It is a Celtic language and a compulsory subject to study in school. Around 10% of the population are fluent in Irish, as English is the mother tongue for most Irish nationals. In the west you may find some, mostly elderly, people who only speak...

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Health Care in Ireland

UK Pensions in Ireland Using the public health care in Ireland while having public insurance in other country works on the similar basis as pension system. If you are a pensioner, you need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments (tel: 0191 218 7777). Ireland has double taxation agreements with the UK so you will not be taxed twice, provided you ensure that the tax offices are aware of your circumstances. You can arrange to have your pension paid directly into...

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Moving to Ireland

Ireland – Land of Myth and Legend St Patrick’s Mountain tempts you up — but beware! The path gets steeper and steeper, such that even a sheepdog takes one step back for every two steps up. The stones are a brilliant white, and very sharp edged. They are just rather the wrong size for scree-running. On arrival at the top, the chances are the mist will obscure the view. St Patrick didn’t hurl the snakes over the cliff (there never have been snakes in Ireland), and the cafe is...

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Moving to Ireland from UK

  Known internationally as a land of rich culture, ancient folklore and live music, the Emerald Isle is an attractive expat destination. With its thriving economy, excellent education system and striking natural beauty, moving to Ireland will be a wonderful chapter in your life. From tales of warrior battles to pirate queens, from Joyce to Wilde, you’ll find its cultural richness reflected in the heart and spirit of the Irish people. Famously warm and extremely friendly, the Irish are very welcoming. Although their colloquialisms and eccentricities will certainly take...

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