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Living in Latvia

As a British person relocating you might notice that the cost of living in Latvia is relatively low. Rents and apartment prices are nearly ten times lower than in UK. Buying a house If you are moving to Latvia from UK there are no restrictions on buying a house in Latvia. However, if you wish to buy land you need the permission of the local municipality, although you may lease land for up to 99 years without restriction. You will require the services of a translator unless your lawyer...

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Driving in Latvia

Public Transportation in Latvia Latvia has a good, reasonably priced, rail service. There is an even wider bus network, mostly with modern buses; comfortable seating and air conditioning. Tickets can be bought at the time or on line. This causes the fact that driving in Latvia will not be your preferred way of getting around. Taxis come in different colours. From Riga International Airport, the green taxis are said to be cheaper, and for general honesty the red taxis have a good reputation. Just be sure you choose a...

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Health Care in Latvia

Health Care in Latvia You will need to contact the VOAVA (State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance and the body that takes ‘runs’ the health care in Latvia). You can find a list of doctors on the VOAVA website. There is a standard fee for seeing a doctor. If you receive a UK state retirement pension or long-term incapacity benefit, you may be entitled to state-funded healthcare paid for by the UK. You’ll need to apply for form S1 from the International Pension Centre (tel: 0191 218 7777). You need...

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Social Life in Latvia

Language in Latvia Latvian or Lettish is the official language, but English is also understood in Riga and other tourist locations. Russian and German are also spoken, and at times Russian may appear to be predominant. If you intend to live in a rural area, you should try to learn a little Latvian at least as it will definitely help you with establishing a social life in Latvia. The great thing is that children seem able to absorb languages easily, and unless your Latvian is very good, they...

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Relocating to Latvia from The UK

Moving to Latvia from the UK At 312 metres (1,024’), Gaizinkalns is the highest point in Latvia. Not high enough – look at neighbouring Estonia. Their highest point is Suur Munamagi at 318 metres (1,043.47’), a whole 6 metres (20’) higher. So the Latvians started to build a tower so that they could be higher, but it never got finished and is now closed as unsafe. However, its Freedom Statue is 43 metres high (141’), one of the highest monuments in Europe. If you are moving...

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Moving to Latvia

Moving to Latvia: the land of medieval castles and a mysterious 267-year-old herbal balsam; handwoven linen fabrics and honey-like amber; unique baroque style wooden buildings and one-of-a-kind desserts. Getting there There are many travel options for people relocating to Latvia from the UK. You can get there by car, ferry, train, bus, and of course by air. There are several airlines offering direct cheap flights to Riga from the UK (from London, Leeds, EMA, Manchester, Glasgow): Ryanair, WizzAir, Scandinavian Airlines and Air Baltic, most of which operate in almost...

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