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Black Forest in Germany

The Black Forest is a beautiful, scenic area located in South-Western Germany. The area is abound with loads of footpaths and cycle routes. Furtwangen im Schwarzwald is one of the cities in the Black Forest, in 1873 Furtwangen was given the right to be called a city. One of the major attractions in Furtwangen is The Breg, it’s a small stream which, travels from the mountainous areas around Furtwangen, it flows down through the city, it meets with two other rivers which unite to form the river Danube. Furtwangen used to be an industrial...

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Finding job in Germany despite high unemployment rate

The rate of joblessness in Germany is immensely high, the lingering unemployment rate has been on the increase for a prolonged length of time. According to statistics new figures show rates grow to a total of 2.806 million. The amount of unemployed people rose to about 5,000 in a single month. So, finding job in Germany seems to be rather difficult task. This recent increase do not show any improvement, it neither shows any major change in the German labour market. One of the largest...

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Weather in Germany

Being in continental Europe means Weather in Germany is prone to experience a maritime climate. With the different seasons in Germany, foreigners and locals alike can enjoy various sports like cascading down the slopes in the Alps or for the winter sports lovers. Also you can ski one of Germany’s highest peaks or ski through popular locations like the Black Forest. After the Alps, the Black Forest region is the biggest ski resort in Germany. The Black Forest is abound with numerous hills and valleys that are perfect for...

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Learning German in Germany

The best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in the society and build rapport with the indigenes or locals of that country. The official language in Germany is German. Therefore Germany is a very suitable location to learn the language and learning German in Germany seems to be the best choice. Generally, most people have a good understanding of the English language in Germany especially in large cities like Munich were many people have migrated to. However, in order for you to be fluent...

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Moving to Germany Checklist

Angela Merkel Upstages Them All. She is tall, blonde and curvaceous with cornflower blue eyes – and yes – she’s a Barbie doll, modelled on the current German Chancellor. Mattel celebrated the  50th anniversary of Barbie with version modelled on German chancellor and she was the highlight of the German toy fair at Nuremburg upstaging the other 70,000 new toys being exhibited. “She’s simply a good role model for girls around the world” said a Mattel spokeswoman. Germany was a founder member of the EU in 1952 and...

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10 tips for cheap removal to Germany

Saving money When you move to Germany will no doubt be an important consideration – no one likes to spend more than they need to. However- moving on the cheap can prove to be more expensive in the long term unless you plan carefully – or are just extremely lucky! Planning your move with care could not only save you money – but also time and hassle as well. Tip 1 You will probably communicate with many different people: phone, e-mail, post etc. Keep a...

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Read before relocating to Germany – British Expats Living in Germany

Relocating to Germany has always been popular with the British, as it is one of Europe’s most dynamic countries, offering a nice mix of modernity and diversity. Thanks to the various monarchies and earldoms that emerged during its history, each German city and town has its own distinct personality. Three most important things when you move to Germany Embrace bureaucracy. They are efficient if you are willing to participate. Germans actually have humour. They just forget to let you know they...

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How to Get Social Insurance in Germany After You Move from UK

When you move to Germany, you will find a well ordered, clean country to live in, and if you fit in with the regulations they will also help you. This article explains how to get social insurance in Germany. Anyone who’s interested in relocating to Germany has to learn how to get social insurance and security. While the country’s social insurance and security system can be quite complicated, you can cut through the red tape by understanding how the process...

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How to get job in Germany – British apprentices in Germany

Germany is providing young Brits with a mouth-watering package to serve apprenticeships in the country. Germany is faced with a shortage of skilled workers, in a bid to tackle the drought of skilled workers for the future, the German government is enticing young Brits and Europeans to the country. Germany reportedly has 33,000 unfilled apprenticeships. The package is said to cost about £120 million and it is targeted at Britons aged 18-35. The package is an all-expenses-paid, three-year apprenticeships with German...

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Moving to Germany from Ireland

It is common knowledge that moving to a new country can be stressful and daunting, so it is important to be aware of what it entails to start the relocation and how to go about the move. Firstly, there are different routes and modes of transportation you can use to get to your destination this includes flying, driving and using the ferry. For moving to Germany from Ireland the ferry is one of the most common modes of transportation used because there are no baggage restrictions, in...

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