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Public Transport Timisoara Romania

Public Transport Timisoara Romania The Public Transport Timisoara consists of extensive network of trams, trolleybuses, buses, designated cycling paths, taxis and very efficient network of Uber drivers. Most Romanians from Timisoara, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s...

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Relocating to Romania from the UK

Relocating to Romania from the UK Several fun facts, tips and go-to locations for you, if you consider moving to Romania. Anyone for Supper? Vampires are said to hang around the crossroads at certain times – and driving along the winding roads, over rugged mountain terrain...

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Romanian Culture

Romanian Culture Social Life and Traditions in Romania Romanians are known for their hospitality and generosity, and the patriarchal family is the basis of their social structure, members helping each other out in times of need. And Romania is a poor country, its wealth plundered for many years. Twenty-two per cent of the population...

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Driving in Romania

Driving in Romania Public Transport in Romania Before deliberating about driving in Romania it’s worth to mention that it has an extensive and modern public transport system, which is state owned and administered by the Ministry of Transport. The River Danube is an important waterway with the port of Constanta. Bucharest...

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Living in Romania

Living in Romania Let us briefly deliberate on all the issues of living in Romania, most notably two main ones, namely buying a house and finding a job. Buying a House in Romania House prices in Romania have declined in recent years, but there are no restrictions on house sales. Be sure you understand everything...

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Health Care in Romania

Health Care in Romania Pensions in Romania If you are a pensioner, you need to inform the IPC (International Pension Centre) to prevent problems with your pension payments (tel. 0191 218 7777). It may also help managing the formalities of receiving health care in Romania. Romania has double taxation...

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Moving to Romania

Moving to Romania The People’s House – now The Palace of Parliament, was the height of communist architecture. Its colossal size makes it second only to the...

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Social Care and Pensions in Portugal

Social Care and Pensions in Portugal Medical Care and Social Insurance Before we raise a question of pensions in Portugal, let’s talk about social insurance in general. Once you have your registration certificate, you may register with your local health centre, and receive...

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Transportation in Portugal

Transportation in Portugal Driving in Portugal Choosing a car as a mean of transportation in Portugal can be quite safe, as alcohol levels permitted are up to 0.05% and the penalties for exceeding this are severe. Hence you don’t usually see many drunk-drivers. Beware the...

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Social Life in Portugal

Social Life in Portugal Language Portuguese is practically universal in Portugal, but there are some special dialects. Nonetheless it helps greatly with establishing a social life in Portugal to learn at least a few words in Portuguese. The Southern and Central dialects: these include...

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Buying a House in Portugal

Buying a House in Portugal If you consider buying a house in Portugal, you’ll do well to know that since it is a popular tourist destination, cost of living there may be a bit high in the season. It also reflects on the property prices. Buying a House in Portugal...

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Moving to Poland

Moving to Poland Marzanna and Wianki If you are moving to Poland from UK you should know about two traditions of Poland.  A Marzanna is a straw doll about 3 feet tall, dressed in rags, a striped shirt and lots of ribbons. When spring arrives and the snows start to melt, the people dress in costume and escort...

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